Q: Do I need a relay deck?

A: Yes, if you are using a switch to drive a motor.  For example, flaps/trim, speed-brakes or smoke.

Q: Do I need a relay deck if I am using VP or any other type of switching box?

A: No, all switch boxes have their own relays built into the units.  Check with the manufacturer.

Q: What type of switches are used in the grips?

A:  The hat switch and the trigger are Omron (used in most gaming devices) and we use them for their long life.  The push buttons and OTTO P9, and the toggle switches are C+K.

Q; Do you have a warranty on your grips?

A: Yes, you have a 1 year warranty that starts once you obtain your airworthy certificate.

Q:  Can I adjust the grips once they are installed?

A: Yes, the grips are held in place by a locking screw that threads into the mounting bushing.  This screw can be loosened so the grip can be clocked in a position that is comfortable to the pilot.

Q: Are the grips pre-wired?

A: Yes, each grips comes pre-wired with 40 inches of 22 gauge Teflon coated wire that is bundle wrapped.  This length wire is suitable for most applications.

 Q: Why do you need my plane information?

A: We customize the bushing that mounts the grip to the control shaft.  Each airplane model has a different size control shaft.  We stock bushings for all RV model aircraft, but customize the bushing for every other model.  What we really need is the ID of your existing control shaft-you can just provide this information.

 Q: Can I get my grips sent to me overnight?

A: We ship via USPS 2-Day Priority as it is the most reasonable option.  We can send grips via UPS, Fed Ex etc.  We would need your credit card info to bill for the higher cost of these services or you can provide us your shipping account number and we will deduct the cost of shipping from your order. Call us if you need additional support in this area.

 Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We have customers all over the world.

 Q: When will my credit card be charged?

A: We usually process the credit card close to the day we ship.  We custom make each grip, so shipping/processing may be delayed until we have the order complete to send.  We try to send each order out at least one week after ordering-unless a lot of special requests are made.

Q: Why does it appear that my credit card has been charged twice?

A: You will receive an email with an order notification very soon after placing your order.  This is a money placeholder/authorization of funds from the credit card processing company and not the actual charge to your account.  When we process your credit card an additional email is sent to you notifying you that your card was processed by us.  It is impossible for us to double bill your credit card as we do not store any credit card information on our website-for your financial safety.  If we need to bill you for additional shipping charges or you want to add a relay deck etc, we will take your card number over the phone  and hand process the additional amounts.

 Q: What is the Soft Touch Coating you offer?

A: Soft touch coating is similar to the coating found on cell phones and high end luxury knobs.  This coating gives the grip a soft velvety feel and our customers love it.  Soft touch comes standard on all the Military Style grips.  It is offered as an option on all the CS models-except the CS-3 grip.